MMR 4.6/5.4 4V DOHC BILLET Secondary Tensioners & XHD chain kit

MMR Billet Passenger side DOHC Secondary tensioner and Heavy Duty Secondary chain kit.

It has long been known that the factory passenger side secondary tensioners on ALL DOHC's tension the chain on the wrong side, this creates cam timing errors as great as 7 degrees (regardless of how the cams are degreed!) This new kit from MMR properly tensions the chain by inverting the tensioner and brings the margin of error down to a mere 1 degree.  The driver tensioner from the factory leaks between the cylinder head and tensioner, reducing oil to the camshafts and cylinder heads which cam create timiing variances and broken secondary chains, MMR has addressed this by adding a O ring seal. Properly tensioning the chain and adding the heavy duty chains allows you to degree the cams perfectly every time and testing has shown 4-5MPH gains in the 1/4 mile! A must for all applications with aftermarket valve springs AND / OR cams.Get your timing under control with this kit today- a must for any High HP application!! As used by team MMR to produce 3000HP and 10,000rpm. 


Rock Solid Timing under all conditions

Severe Duty/Race Secondary chains eliminate secondary chain failure

Anodized for corrosion resistance

Plug and Play Install

Fully rebuildable with replaceable wear strips

*96-04 Cobra 4.6L
*2007-2014 GT500 5.4L
*5.4 DOHC Navigator 5.4L
*03-04 Mach One and Aviator 4.6L
*All Australian 4.6/5.4 DOHC Applications


*Billet Secondary tensioners (driver & passenger side) PN# 444036 & PN#444038
*UPGRADED XHD (Extreme Heavy Duty) SECONDARY chains pr. PN#487028
*ARP Hardware

  • Model: 444032
  • Manufactured by: MMR


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