PN#467977 MMR Billet Valve Cover Installation

These valve covers REQUIRE 2011-2014 5.0 Coyote Gaskets

1. Clean and inspect your covers for debris, they are a fabricated component and while we make every effort to remove debris, some traces of chips from manufacturing may exist.

2. You MUST install the baffles provided prior to installation. Apply loctite to each screw, do not tighten screws until all have been started.

3. PRE March 2022 versions .If you plan to use a factory dipstic, you must modify it slightly. It is VERY simple and only takes a few minutes.
(If using a 2015-2017 Dipstick Identified as FL3E-6750-CB you will need to push out the rollpin from the yellow handle with a small punch or nail and a hammer and then cut off 1 ” and redrill the hole down 1 inch from the cut. Re-install the roll pin and you are good to go.)
(If you have a 11-14 Model and the dipstick is not identified by the part number referenced above you will need to obtain one from your local Ford dealer using the part # above. Due to the variation in length it will not read correctly. You can use your old dipstick to plug the hole in the meantime or the dipstick adapter can be removed and replaced with a -10 o ring plug.)

March 2022 and newer versions. No modification is needed, simply install your dipstick into the valve cover

4. The MMR Valve covers use -12 O ring plugs for the breathers/PCV, they can be adpated down to -8 but we suggest min. of -10. Do not use Union fittings as they are too long and will block breather flow!!! To verify that you have used a correct fitting blow through the fitting after install to make sure there is no restriction.

5. Prior to installation you must install gaskets and Spark plug tube seals. A socket can be used to remove them but be sure to use a socket large enough for the outside diameter, otherwise you will damage the seal. Installation is done from the top side of the cover. Tap the seal in until it is flush with the lowest part of the chamfer (the correct distance usually makes the seal hang out of the bottom of the cover about 1/8″ (similar to factory). For reference inspect a seal and factory cover prior to removing the seals.

6. Silicone MUST be applied in 2 places per valve cover – JUST LIKE FACTORY, it must be applied at the joint between the cylinder head and timing cover. Ultra black silicone from permatex is suggested.

7. Install all bolts, do not tighten ANY bolts until all bolts have been started by hand!!!

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