MMR is the World leader in  High quality, USA Made Precision  Ford Auto Parts & Engines.

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MMR- Home of the Worlds Fastest Ford Modular & Coyote Engines

 The Official website and store of the Modular Mustang Racing & Modular Fords Community

From it humble 1993 beginnings in a residential garage to WORLD Record Holder for a Ford engine with a 5.67 @ 265mph in the 1/4 mile!! .  MMR has pioneered the performance industry for the Ford Modular and Coyote Engines.

Our company has lived by one rule, let our performance speak for itself.  We don’t put down our competitors to try and sell you a engine or component. Our world records and dominant performance over the last 20 years speak for itself, after all, you cannot fall to the top of a mountain.

MMR’s facility located in Camarillo, CA houses our entire operation, whether it be Haas CNC Equipment,  Pristine Engine building room, Laser Marking center or our Superflow Black Widow engine dynamometer test laboratory.

MMR proudly campaigns  Drag Racing and Road Racing vehicles that travel the United States racing, testing and developing engines and components at extreme levels to bring our customers the most well tested and engineered motor sports equipment.

MMR only supplies its engines and components to the most prestigious  warehouses and manufactures  in the World, from companies such as Shelby America. to Koenigsegg in Sweeden.

If you are looking for a race engine or component for your Ford Modular or Coyote engine, look no further, you have come to the source, we wrote the book and executed in perfect World Record fashion.

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Home of the Worlds Fastest Modular Engines