PN#400342 Roller Bearing Thrust Oil Pump Backing Plate Instructions

1. Remove oil pump per factory service manual.

2. Remove Torx Bolts securring factory backing plate to the oil pump housing.

3. Install New MMR Billet Steel Backing Plate using the factory Torx bolts. Torque to 11ft lbs

4. Submerge the new bearing in oil for 1-2 minutes so that the oil can work its way into the bearing and then Install bearing into backing plate, the bearing has been marked for correct orientation (VERY IMPORTANT).

5. Remove the #5 Rear main bearing cap from the engine by removing the 2 side bolts and 4 main bolts. Machine approx .025″ from the REAR facing side of the factory thrust bearing, this is best done with the bearing still in the cap. You can send your bearing and cap to MMR for this simple procedure if you cannot have it done locally. We offer this for no charge.

5. Re-install oil pump back onto engine using the factory hardware. Torque the small 6mm bolts to 11 ft lbs, torque the 8mm Stud bolts to 25 ft lbs.

6. Re-install #5 rear main cap, be sure the arrow on the main cap is facing forward. Do not reinstall the half moon shaped thrust spacer. At this point ONLY hand tighten the center main cap hardware.

7. Using a dial indicator measure the crankshaft endplay and adjust the endplpay by tapping the rear main cap forward or backwards very slightly to achieve .007″ to .010″ of endplay. You may need to loosen the bolts slightly so that the main cap can move as you tap it.

8. Once you have set the desired endplay tighten and torque the all the #5 rear main cap bolts.

9. RECHECK the endplay one final time after the main cap bolts are torqued.

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