Cam Cap Installation


Clean your heads thoroughly
before installation, it is recommended that oil restrictor plugs be removed and air pressure be used to blow out all oil feed passages. Failure to do this may result in contamination from the machining process to score your new cam caps or camshafts.
Your heads have been checked to verify smooth cam rotation prior to shipping, BUT…After Installing the heads onto the block ALWAYS test the camshaft rotation one final time. This is best done WITHOUT LIFTERS OR FOLLOWERS INSTALLED. Install a camshaft into each journal (WITHOUT OIL FOR THIS TEST) and install all of the cam caps torquing them to 11 ft lbs. The caps must be installed in the correct order, the EXHAUST side is always 1-5 (5 at the rear) and the INTAKE is always 6-10 (10 at the rear). Once installed and torqued your camshafts MUST spin smoothly by hand. If they do not, you must determine why, a bent camshaft or mixed cam journal can cause this. NEVER mix cam journals between heads!! Once you have verified that your camshafts spin smoothly you can remove them to install the lifters and follower and prepare for final installation.
We suggest MMR MOD Lube (PN#400012) for all camshaft installations to lubricate the cam journals prior to installing the cams. Both the cylinder head side and the cam cap should be coated with lube prior to installation. Lifters do not require assembly lubrication but we do suggest soaking the followers in clean engine oil prior to installation.
*MMR Cam Caps and our line boring service are NOT meant to repair heavily scored journals. Although this service will repair light journal scoring, its primary purpose is to install stronger caps for performance applications – SOME SCORING AND SCRATCHES MAY STILL BE PRESENT AFTER WE HAVE COMPLETED THIS SERVICE DEPENDING ON THE CONDITION OF YOUR HEADS.

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