PN#537192 A&B 3V Head Cooling Mod / Coolant Balance Tube Ford 4.6 & 5.4

While installation of this product can be achieved with the engine in the vehicle it is usally best that this job be completed with the transmission removed or engine removed. Professional installation is suggested.

  1. 5.4L Models can skip to step 4. 4.6L models will require removal of the heater core tube, this gives clearance to removed the freeze plugs and modify the tube as shown. The heater core tube is removed by removing the bolt shown below and then pulling the heater tube towards the rear of the vehicle disengaging it from the block/heater tube nipple.

2. After removal modify the tube by cutting on the red line shown below:

3. Now drill a hole in the bracket as shown below, this hole serves as the new mounting point. Using a 6mm or 1/4 drill bit keeping the hole as low as possible:

4. Remove the freeze plugs from both the left and right cylinder heads. ONLY remove the lower freeze plugs (shown marked with the “X” below)

5. The best method for removal is a flat blade screwdriver and hammer on the outer edge. DO NOT HIT THEM IN THE CENTER! The idea is to turn the plugs sideways as shown below and then remove with pliers. DO NOT DAMAGE THE BORE WHEN REMOVING, GOUGES WILL CREATE LEAKS. IF YOU GOUGE THE BORE DURING FREEZE PLUG REMOVAL YOU MUST USE SILICONE/RTV AROUND THE BORE AND O RING TO SEAL THE FITTINGS!!!!!

6. The Heater tube and MMR L&R cooling mod fittings can now be installed using the supplied bolts. Simply push the hose over the barbed fittings. Hose clamps are not required for push-lock hose.

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