2007-2014 GT500 Oil Filter Relocation & Oil Cooler Kit Instructions (400228 & 400235)

Installation should begin with removal of the factory Oil Cooler and filter mount assembly. It is best that the Coolant system be drained or at very least pinch the rubber lines connecting to the assembly below. Remove the Alternator Drive belt and 3 bolts securing the alternator to the oil cooler / filter mount assembly

Next install the new MMR Block adapter shown below. The Top (large) hole should be plugged using the supplied -16AN Plug. The oil lines should be connected as follows – BOTTOM OIL HOSE (AKA OUT) MUST be connected to IN on the oil filter mount. The TOP OIL HOSE (AKA IN) MUST be connected to the OUT on the oil filter mount – FAILURE TO CONNECT THESE PROPERLY WILL RESULT IN ENGINE DAMAGE!

Next we install the new MMR alternator bracket, the bracket consists of a upper and lower mount. The brackets should be installed as shown:

Re-install the drive belt, the coolant lines originally connected to the factory cooler can be joined together using a barbed adapter.Some customers completely remove these lines for a cleaner installation.

The remainder of the installation is somewhat universal, the oil cooler and Oil filter mount can be located in any location that you prefer, the oil cooler will be more efficient with some airflow. When connecting the oil cooler be sure to rememeber the correct connections as mentioned above. The factory oil pressure sensor can be mounted on the MMR oil filter mount (simply extend the wire) or using an adapter on the block adapter mount.

Finally refill the system and check for leaks.

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