2011-2023 5.0 / 5.2 Coyote MMR Billet Primary Chain Tensioners

This item is on backorder due to the factory Ford Internal components and has no current ETA at this time.

If you are building a 5.0 Mustang or F150 Coyote engine these are the upgraded tensioners that you need. The factory tensioners cannot hold up to the forces created by aftermarket valve springs and camshafts placing the factory tensioners under loads they were not intended for. This forces the tensioners to collapse which leads to noises, chain failure, tensioner failure and guide failure. Bleed down is also a problem creating noise upon startup or at lower oil pressures. MMR has addressed this issue by adding a O ring to the rear of the tensioner, this prevents unwanted internal leaks like the factory tensioners and we have added an internal limiter to prevent excessive negative travel making for an extremely strong and quiet chain tensioning system.

These tensioners address and are a suitable replacement for Fords TSB 11-9-15 and 19-2140 (noises created by factory tensioners)

Perfect for all n/a, supercharged and Turbocharged applications and suggested for ALL modified engines regardless of HP. Proven to 11,000 rpm and 4000+ HP!! Highly recommended when used with Billet chain guides.


* No More broken rachet tabs when used with aftermarket billet guides

* Internally limited to prevent chain slap

* Super Strong Billet alloy construction

* Replaceable O ring to seal tensioner to Cylinder head

* Revised valving for more consistent Chain tensioning

* Genuine Ford updated internals address all current Ford TSB (technical service bulletins)

* Plug and Play - direct replacement

* Fully rebuildable

* Hardware Included

* Compatible with Factory Plastic & MMR Billet Chain Guides

* Made in USA by MMR

* Lifetime Warranty to Original Owners


ALL MODELS (2011-2023, Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 cylinder heads including BOSS and GT350 and GT500)

Includes 2 Chain tensioners

  • Model: 450568
  • Manufactured by: MMR
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