MMR NEXT Gen Cartridge Oil Filter Relocation Bracket & Filter

The next generation of Oil Filter Relocation is here. MMR's new Oil Filter Mount uses a Cartridge style Filter just like the Shelby GT350 and GT500 and many other High End Exotics! But it doesnt have to be a Ford, this Mount will work on any make or model adding the newest high flow technology to ANY vehicle. If you already have a MMR Oil filter relocation kit this is a great upgrade and a direct replacement. The smaller diameter filter gives you more room in the Tightest of engine bays. This is the ultimate upgrade for Motorsports such as Road Racing and Drag racing where filter failure in not an option and fast filter inspection is critical.


Filter Cartridge can be inspected without any cutting or hassle

Increased safety level due to greatly increased burst strength

No more strugling with tight filters, compatible cartridge housings all feature easy wrench provision

Enviromentally Friendly - Paper Cartridges are easily drained & compacted & take up less space in landfills

Uses Standard Cartridge Filters available from ANY auto parts store (or select a filter below)



*AN -10 Inlet and Outlets

* Oil Inlets on both sides of bracket help aid in hose routing 

* 1" smaller diameter than traditional Oil Filter Relocation Brackets

*Laser Etched Ports for easy identification

*Intergrated mounting holes for ease mounting

*Double O ring design Guarantees your oil stays where it belongs 

*1/8npt pressure port for guages, pressure sensors or oil feed Lines (this port is after the filter so great for Turbochargers, S/C  etc)

*Includes Billet cartridge housing (MMR PN#777805)

*Includes Ford FL2087 Cartridge Oil Filter Sourced from the 2022 Shelby GT500 - the filter features a steel core to prevent colapsing in performance and race applications.

*Black Anodized for Corrosion Resistance

*Lifetime warranty

This is NOT a complete relocation kit - this only includes the Oil Filter Mounting Bracket, filter and canister as shown. If you are looking for a complete kit with Lines and Fittings please see MMR PN#403335 OR purchase the appropriate engine block adapter and lines/fittings.


CONNECTIONS: ALWAYS CONNECT OUT to IN and IN to OUT- NEVER CONNECT OUT TO OUT or IN to IN when using a remote oil filter bracket- this will result in ZERO oil pressure and engine damage!!!!!

  • Model: 703335
  • Manufactured by: MMR


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