MMR 5.0 / 5.2 Ford Coyote Billet Cylinder Head Cam Caps

Broken Cam caps are common in performance applications due to the factory cast aluminum cam cap which is very weak along with a thin cross section. Increased valve spring pressure is usually to blame caused by aftermarkets valve springs. Did you know that when you increase valve spring pressure by 50lbs that the camshaft has nearly 100lbs of upwards pressure trying to force the camshaft out of the cylinder head! This is due to the follower/rocker arm ratio.

The MMR cam caps are produced from aerospace Billet Alloy and feature increased cross sectional thickness to handle the highest of valve spring pressures. Increased stiffness means better performance and less loss through cam caps that are flexing upwards loosing valuable camshaft lift.

Camshaft Line boring is required with these. The tool is available for purchase or you can send your cylinder heads to your local machine shop.

If you have had a rear cam cap break, you MUST check the camshaft for run out. When the rear cam cap fails the cams can and will bend because they are unsupported. Failure to check this can and will damage the cylinder head again!


2011-2023 Mustang GT 5.0

2011-2021 F150 5.0

2016-2021 Shelby GT350

2020+ Shelby GT500

Includes 16 cylinder head caps to complete 2 cylinder heads (front cap does not require replacement because there is no upward force exerted upon it, this is because the timing chain is constantly pulling it down towards to crankshaft as the engine turns.

Laser etched for identification to aid in cam cap location (2-5 = exhaust and 7-10 = intake , low to high from front)

Integrated Dowel with tighter tolerance to locate cap better under extreme pressures.


  • Model: 676500
  • Manufactured by: MMR


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