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Transmission and Drivetrain

Modular Mustang Racing has 10+ years of 5 speed knowledge to bring you the strongest, most reliable high performance line of transmissions available today. MMR owner Mark Luton is the driver, builder and owner of the 2000 Red Turbo Mustang, and is the current record holding fastest 5 speed transmission Mustang with an 8.99 @154. This was no easy feat and on his way to this record we learned valuable information that no transmission builder today can match, we have pushed these transmissions to the limit and know exactly what it takes to make them live in our customers cars on the street and at the track. Each unit is hand built by MMR and serial numbered for quality control.





Image Description Part  Number Price
MMR Pro Trans 900
This is our street/competition transmission and the same that we use to hold the current record. These transmissions are derived from the NEW TKO 600 units. 1st, 2nd ,3rd & 4th gear along with the cluster gear receive a heat tempering that dramatically increases strength, each gear is then deburred to improve shifting, minimize noise and increase efficiency which means less drive train power loss than a stock transmission. Transmission also includes 26 spline input and 31 spline output shafts that have been heat tempered to dramatically increase the Pro Trans 900s strength. A few other proprietary modifications are completed before the transmission is re-sealed, serial numbered and shipped to the customer. Each transmission even includes a billet aluminum shifter (handle not included) This transmission is rated by MMR up to 900HP and vehicles running 9.00/150 and slower and requires increased service intervals for race applications. Gear ratios are:1st-2.87  2nd 1.89  3rd-1.28  4th-1.0 and 5th is available with .82 or .64.

* MMR Pro-Trans transmissions are custom items, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted once a custom order has been placed, regardless if the item has shipped or not.
300900 $2699

  Standard/Stock TKO 500 Transmission 300500 $2299
  Standard/Stock TKO 600 Transmission 300600 $2399
Tremec 6 speed transmission for 4.6/5.4 modular vehicles
Includes shifter
300300 $LOWEST


Tremec 6 speed for 5.0/5.8 pushrod vehicles
Includes shifter 
300400 $LOWEST


1000HP Automatic (Manually Shifted) - Lifetime Warranty for all Modulars


Great for up to 1000HP street cars, SFI Bellhousing included w/transbrake

301500 $LOWEST



2500HP Powerglide for ALL Modular applications

The ultimate modular transmission, tested by MMR in the 7 second range with ultimate reliability, Includes SFI approved bellhousing, Pro tree transbrake included

301600 $LOWEST



ATI Torque converters for ALL Modular Applications

Let MMR help you pick the right converter the first time!

301700 STARTS @ $699


SFI Approved Automatic Flexplate

Fits all years/transmissions/converter bolt patterns, SFI Approved, Multiple bolt patterns for all brand converters, super heavy duty for up to 2500 HP!

301750 $199.99

Bolt kit for ALL Modular Transmissions/ALL Engines (QTY 7)

Dont re-use those old stripped trans/bellhousing bolts, this new race kit from MMR wont strip and can handle up to 3000 ft lb in transmission torque! Fits all Modular applications


301800 $39.99

MMR custom driveshaft for 300300/300400 300450 $499
MMR 1 Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

All Lengths and sizes available, Handles up to 2000 HP!!


300455 $1299.99

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MMR Carries a full line of components to install these transmissions into all 4.6, 5.4, 5.0, and 351 Mustangs.


Image Description Part  Number Price
2005-2007 Mustang GT Bellhousing for use with TKO transmission 900930 $599.99

5.0/5.8 Mustang Bellhousing (SFI approved by Lakewood)

(for Tremec TKO and MMR PT750/900)

300050 $429.99

4.6/5.4 Modular Mustang Bellhousing (Aluminum-similar to factory)

(for Tremec TKO and MMR PT750/900)

300001 $389.99

5.0/5.8 Mustang Bellhousing (Aluminum-similar to factory)

(for Tremec TKO and MMR PT750/900)

300051 $379.99


MMR Competition Throw out bearing (better seals and bearings) 300100 $39.99

  Electric/Mechanical Speedo sensor for 87-04 w/TKO or 3550 300200 $39.99
MMR Competition pilot bearing
Premium roller bearings, viton seal
300250 $29.99

MMR Billet Clutch Cable Quadrant
Elimintae the weak and flexible plastic quadrant and miss no more gears with this simple bolt on from MMR. Perfect for setting the clutch pedal release where YOU want it. Works with stock cable but requires firewall adjuster (also recommended)
300210 $39.99

MMR Billet Firewall Clutch Cable Adjuster
This adjuster is great for removing or Adding tension and getting rid of that slack at the beginning of the clutch pedal travel. Easy bolt on get rid of that spongy clutch pedal feel by eliminating the rubber bushing at the firewall. Works with stock or aftermarket cables.
300220 $39.99


87-08 Aluminum Flywheel
Gain HP and Torque with an aluminum flywheel, quicker reving and longer lasting than stock. Available in 6 or 8 bolt and 10.5 or 11.0 inch for all years, works with all transmissions. Cobra or GT.

800430 $349.99




MMRs line of clutches for 86-04 Mustangs. MMR leads the pack of 5 speed/clutch technology and currently holds the record for the quickest and fastest 5 speed Mustang with an 8.99 @ 154mph using MMR Race Bred Technology (RBT). To Break records like this you need a strong engine, trans and a clutch that can harness all that power. RBT is exactly what it says, technology born and proven at the track, everything MMR learns at the track is incorporated into EVERY clutch we sell, whether it be our Model RBT450 for mild street cars to our Full race RBT1000 for all out Ultra high performance with power levels exceeding 1000+HP.




Image Description Part  Number Price
This is MMR's entree level clutch and will support up to 450HP, the RBT450 incorporates smooth pedal action and high clamping forces to keep that power going where it is supposed to- THE WHEELS, not clutch smoke, which provides quicker ET's and better 60ft times. The RBT450 uses an organic friction material for smooth engagement/dis-engagement and for long life. Keep those tires chirping between gears with firm clutch grip, no more sluggish shifts. Perfect for the high HP daily driver. Available for ALL Years

Supporting up to 525HP the RBT525 is at home on the street and at the strip, great for nitrous, supercharger, Turbo and high RPM/HP N/A modulars. Great clamping pressure for hard shifts and long clutch life but low pedal effort thanks to our RBT and revised diaphram leverage.
Available for ALL Years



Supports up to 700HP for those high HP street cars that need that extra clutch grip to harness all that power, the RBT700 uses a kevlar/multi-friction material to handle all of that power, medium pedal effort and smooth engagment/dis-enagement are charachteristic of this Bad Boy street/strip clutch.
Available for ALL Years
RBT700 $469.99

pic not avail. MMR RBT1000
The ULTIMATE street/strip/full race clutch, each unit is hand assembled and adjusted. This is the clutch says" why compromise", Low pedal effort, high grip, PERIOD. The heart of the RBT1000 is its twin disc design, the second disc Doubles the friction surface area doubling its handling capacity. Allow 3-5 days for assembly,
Available for ALL Years Handles 1000+HP!!
RBT1000 $1399

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