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Oiling System / Parts


Image Description Part  Number Price


MMR Billet oil-adapter plate for all 4.6/5.4
Allows remote mounting of oil filter or addition of oil cooler, includes dual -10AN or 12AN  in and out fittings, 1/8 npt hole for Turbo / SC oil feed or for oil pressure sensors and guages using 1/8npt size  and barbed fitting shown for oil and Hose barb for radiator hose (or can use a -16 screw in fitting. Also includes Mounting hardware.

All fittings/hardware included as shown.

Fits ALL 4.6 and 5.4 2v,3v and 4V and all GT500

400160 $159.99

Push In style AN Valve Cover fitting

Perfect for Plumbing Catch Cans and great looking blow proof AN style lines including braided style. Simply pushed into factory Valve cover Grommet. Hex shaped base allows for easy tightening and barbed bottom prevents the fitting from popping out. Fits all 2V and 4V including push in style GT500. Also fits any valve cover with a 3/4 I.D. rubber grommet. Also fits in place of factory PCV valve Select size at check out, available in -10 or -12.







Coyote & GT500 Valve Cover AN Fitting

Plumb your Valve cover PCV, separator or Catch cans with these blow proof MMR Billet AN Fittings. These screw into the factory covers with no modification and utilize the OE style O-rings.  Fitting size is -10. Fits both driver side and passenger side covers. Available in Black or Silver



455459 $69.99 ea

MMR Street/Strip 7 Qrt. Oil pan
The #1 Cause of Modular engine failure is lack of lubrication. Protect your investment and increase its performance with the MMR Street/Strip oil pan. The T style design increases oil capacity to 7qrts. Increased oil capacity means lower oil temperatures, less thermal breakdown, higher performance and greater engine protection. The MMR pan includes a NO-LEAK female fitting at the front for Vortech/Paxton Superchargers or Turbo Drain hoses, no more worry about punching/tapping oil pans for these applications. The drain plug features a re-usable seal for a leak free oil drain along with a super strong magnet to catch and hold any metal debris and prevent it from continuing to circulate through the engine.  Powder coated inside and out and will not rust like the coating used by our competitors. Fully baffled internally to prevent oil sloshing. Unlike some other brands the MMR pan works with all Longtube and Shorty style headers, all aftermarket K members and with the stock oil pump and pick-up or the MMR Street/Strip High Flow oil pump and pick-up tube. Available in Red, Black or Silver (powdercoat). As used in the MMR 2500HP Racecar!

Need additional fittings-MMR can weld on ANY fitting you need! Additional fittings are $39 each.


400360 $239.99

MMR "TraX Pack" Oil cooler System

This kit adds a High efficiency Oil cooler for 1996 -10 Models and remotely mounts the Oil filter to any location. With this cooler both Oil temps and Water temps dramatically decrease and engine reliability and HP go up! Kit includes all items shown. Some modification to the rubber lower radiator hose may be required. Black Braided Line Included.  A must for Road racing, Mile long events, Performance street driving and Drag racing etc. Cooler can be mounted in any position or location that sees airflow (airflow does not need to be direct but is suggested for optimum cooling) Fits all 96-2010 applications.

439159 $499.99

SFI 7.2  approved engine Diaper for ALL Modular engines


Perfect fitting, no header interference, required for all cars running 9.99 or quicker!


444100 $239.99


MMR Hurricane BILLET  Oil Pump GEARS

Simply the finest Billet Gears available for your engine, made from Premium US 9310 Billet Steel, heat treated to exact rockwell standards, CNC Machined for a precise fit, not WIRE cut like our competitors.. This is hands down the strongest gear on the market and is backed by a industry first LIFETIME WARRANTY.. Fits all 4v oil pump housings and requires no modification- install and go*!  Tested by team MMR above 2000HP - no other gear manufacturer can claim this!

MMR Gears are used by World Record holding and National event winning engines and prestigious engine builders across the globe!

*2V APPLICATIONS MUST USE A 4.6 4V OIL PUMP HOUSING and 15/16 pick up tube

MMR Gears Hold the current:

World record

NMRA Coyote Modified record

NMRA Renegade record

























05-2010 3V & ALL GT500






20011-2015 TiVCT 5.0








MMR Hurricane  Billet Geared Oil Pump

The Hurricane is hands down the baddest modular internal oil pump available. The new MMR Hurricane features the MMR Billet Steel Gears, and CNC machined bodies. The MMR pump includes a o-ringed body with viton o-ring for a perfect pump to block seal. 2v, 3v and 4v applications include a Billet Steel Backing plate for improved strength and wear resistance. This pump has been tested at higher HP and RPM levels than any pump in production. Each pump undergoes a complete test for operation and pressure prior to shipping. Watch a test video here.  Perfect for applications exceeding 500+ HP and up to 2000HP. Lifetime warranty!!! Built By Champions! Dont let a stock oil pump ruin your engine!!









includes pick-up





uses factory pick-up tube


2011-2015 5.0/BOSS


uses factory pick-up tube









MMR Econo/Street Oil Pump

The MMR pump is the most popular and economic oil pump available today for your high horsepower modular engine! Pump Includes race prepped pump and valving for increased flow and pressure, New Ford Racing Gears and Viton o-ring to make a perfect seal from the block to pump. No more spun cam journals, rod or main bearings. We have increased the pressure/volume for blower and turbo cars that require additional oil volume for lubrication.  Completely assembled ready for use!  Fits all 96-2004 (PN#400350 & 400350T and 2005-2008 3V models (PN#400355 & 400355T). Not suggested for applications over 500HP - see MMR hurricane pump aove.

SOHC Applications require 15/16 Pick up tube (not included) MMR Part#403350



*Due to the nature of racing, racing engines, components and circumstances beyond the control of MMR such as incorrect engine building practices or assembly by other engine/component manufacturers or individuals that may lead to engine failure and ultimately pump failure, Modular Motorsports Inc. offers no warranty expressed or implied and is not liable for pump/engine failure caused from such incorrect engine building practices /conditions in accordance with industry standard.





400355 05-08 3V




400350T Teflon Coated




400355T 05-08 3V Teflon Coated















Brand New Ford Racing Oil Pump Gears

Rebuilding your engine or just wanting to replace the oil pump drive gears, , this is the answer, these brand new gears from Ford Allow you to replace those old worn gears that have low oil pressure with a brand new set for little cost. Includes Inner and outer gear, simply remove the old gears and install the new!

A= 4V 96-04

B= 2005 -2010 3V and ALL GT500

C= 2011+ 5.0 TiVCT


(A, B or C)


Factory Ford Cobra High Volume Oil pump with Pick-up tube

Factory equipment on all 1996-2004 Mustang Cobra, also fits all 2v SOHC, 4v DOHC and 5.4 applications. Upgraded flow over stock pump, great for street/performance rebuilds.

400111 $129.99

Melling High Performance Oil pump for 2005-2010 Mustang GT and ALL GT500

2005-2010 Mustang GT specific High Performance oil pump, works with factory pick-up tube. Direct bolt on. requires pick up tube PN#403350

400112 $169.99

Composite Windage Tray for 96-2013 4.6/5.4 (DOES NOT FIT Tivct 5.0)

This newest design is lighter and more effecient, built in O ring on both sides means no more gaskets or sealer required. O rings included. Gains up to 16HP. 100% direct bolt on. MMR Suggests Pick up tube PN#403350



Minor trimming may be required depending on application. As with ALL Canton, Moroso and MMR windage trays the factory windage scrapers in some oil pans need to be bent flat - the is a VERY easy procedure and can be accomplished with any soft mallet or hammer in less than 30 seconds!

400356 $139.99

Oil Pump Pick-up Tube Spacer

This spacer replaces the factory steel unit with a lightweight, 6061 CNC Machined Aluminum piece. This part weighs 75% of the original part it replaces and is available in STD or +.250 lengths for those with Canton, MMR or Moroso oil pans , this allows the pick- up to stay in the oil under the hardest of cornering and acceleration prevent pump cavitation and engine damage! Fits all 4.6, 5.4 and Coyote 5.0 1993-2015

403351 $24.99


Std or + .250

Oil Pump Pick up tube O-ring

Select in shopping cart small or large O ring - see below:

Large O ring fits:

1996-2014 Mustang Cobra and GT 500

All Ford Racing, MMR and Melling HO Oil pumps

All 2005-2010 Mustang GT


Small O Ring Fits:

1996-2004 Mustang GT with stock oil pump

1999-2004 Lincoln Navigator with stock oil pump


422192 $3.99

Oil Pump Pick up (15/16)  tube for ALL Modular Applications

This High flow pick up tube is required for all Ford Racing, MMR or Melling pumps (high output and/or high volume) or as a direct replacement for all 2005-2010 3V and all 4V. Also compatible with MMR windage tray. Includes O ring.

403350 $9.99


96-10 2V , 3V or 4V Valve cover Breather kit for Supercharged/Turbocharged and N/A applications

This kit allows you to vent the valve cover/crank case pressure to the atmosphere, This prevents your turbocharger or supercharger inlet tube from sucking oil out of the engine and burning it which causes smoking, oil leaks, Detonation and poor performance. Kit includes all lines and fittings to attach to factory valve cover. Breather tank includes filter and mounting bracket and can be mounted in any location including the fender well and includes easy drain fitting. Available in Black or silver anodized.

900785 $139.99

MMR Valve cover breather kit for 2011-2015 Mustang GT / F150 / BOSS

If you have a Coyote 5.0 making over 500HP the cute little air/oil separators just arent going to cut it. This kit is designed to vent the non PCV valve cover so that at wide open throttle the engine can breath and does not suck in harmfull oil vapors that causes detonation and damaged engines in supercharged, turbo charges and Nitrous applications. Includes the MMR exclusive Billet plug and play valve cover fitting for a easy install, simply mount the canister in the fender well or engine compartment and go! Includes all brackets, hose, filter and fittings as shown. As used by team MMR. Available in Black or silver


For applications over 1200 HP we suggest 2 kits (1 for each valve cover and eliminating the PCV)

455590 $199.99


MMR Flexible Engine Oil Dipstick for all 96-04 GT and COBRA / MACH ONE

Great for snaking around those hard to install headers and Motor mounts, fully o-ringed for a leak free show quality fit! Made in the USA of premium Braided Stainless Steel and Billet Aluminum components. Works with all factory and aftermarket oil pans.


444033 $99.99

MMR Oil Pan bolt kit (QTY 16)

Black oxide finished, high strength Allen bolts for all stock and aftermarket oil pans.

400026 $29.99

MMR Oil Pump Bolts (QTY4)

Black oxide finished, high strength Allen bolts for all stock and aftermarket oil pumps.

400027 $19.99

MMR / AVIAID External oil Pump for Wet Sump

Highly recommended for applications over 1200HP, kit includes drive pulleys and belt, Mandrel drive for MMR or ATI Balancer, Billet oil pump with adjustable pressure, passenger side mounting bracket (replaces AC), Block adapter for pressure inlet. Uses -12 Inlet and Outlet

Please call for Drysump systems

350350 $1399.99

MMR  Wet Sump pan for External oil Pump 350351 $499.99




These kits include all parts needed to relocate your oil filter away from the block, great for Turbo and Supercharged applications, aftermarket K-members and for those people that just cant stand the oil dripping all over their steering rack during a oil change. Kit includes all parts for easy install (Remote oil filter adapter, Low profile block adapter to replace the original oil filter and all Lines and new Ford filter( not shown) Filter can be mounted in any practical location!


Fits all 1996-2012 Models

400335A 119.95


These kits include all parts needed to relocate your oil filter away from the block, great for Turbo and Supercharged applications, aftermarket K-members and for those people that just cant stand the oil dripping all over their steering rack during a oil change. Kit includes all parts for easy install (Remote oil filter adapter, Low profile block adapter to replace the original oil filter and all Lines and Billet Aluminum AN Fittings and new Ford filter not shown) Filter can be mounted in any practical location! Race kit includes Stainless steel Braided lines and Billet Aluminum AN fitting come std with this race kit-(great for street or race)

Fits all 1996-2012 Models


400335B $219.99

Low profile Racing Oil Filter

Great for those tight places on Turbo applications to give more room. Filters better than factory and even outflows the factory unit. Fits all 96-2010 Mustang Models

400336 $19.99