Methanol EFI Racing Fuel Injector Flush Kit


EFI Applications that use Methanol for fuel must flush the fuel injector after EVERY race and before storage of the vehicle!!

This kit makes the flush process simple, Fill the canister with your preferred cleaner (we like WD40 which is available in 1 gallon containers) attach your compressor air line to the canister and then simply push the injector into the MMR injector adapter and pull the trigger.

This process back purges the injector, forcing the pintle or valve open cleaning out any debris and lubricating the injector prior to putting the vehicle in the trailer after a weekend of racing!

Billet Atomizer Injectors
Precision Injectors
ID Injectors
Bosche Injectors
Siemens Dekka Injectors


As a company that has been racing Methanol fueled EFI vehicles for a decade we want others to learn from our experience. Methanol will ruin EFI injectors if allowed to sit after a race. Many people ask - what will happen? We can tell you that they will stick open, they will stick closed or they will flow unevenly or low. This will lead to engine damage!! Trust us when we say we have lost many nice engines due to injectors that were stuck closed! This is the best investment we ever made and flushing the injectors after every race has ended all of these issues for us! Spend $150 now or Thousands later!!

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  • Model: T2250

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